While you’re busy living one of the greatest days of your life, I am there to capture it all, so that you can truly be in the moment and know that for years to come, you can look back at your wedding photos and relive the magic. To me, the best pictures are not those with “perfect” poses and flawless faces. They’re the shots filled with emotion.… the joy of seeing your bride for the first time, a stolen moment walking from your vows to the big party, the toast that made you tear up. Posed and perfect certainly has its place, in family formals, for instance. And during your portrait session, I’ll offer minimal direction when needed, but the best photos come from a genuine moment of connection between the two of you. I don’t go for overly edited photos that bear little resemblance to true life. The images that really resonate with me have a natural ease to them. They don’t feel stylized. They feel like you.


I graduated from Boston University with a degree in Photojournalism. I have not stopped taking pictures since. I honed my skills as a features photographer for the Daily Free Press in Boston, and then fell in love with the romance of shooting weddings.

I combine a documentary style with artful detail shots and minimally posed portraits. Each wedding is different and every couple has a story to tell. I like to let the personalities of the couple really shine through, and capture those moments that make a photograph full of emotion and utterly unforgettable.

And yes, I will cry at your wedding. I cry at them all. I’ll also laugh a lot, feel like I’ve known your families for ages, and I can pretty much guarantee that when good music is playing, I’ll be grooving.


I consider myself extremely lucky to truly love what I do. Second only to race car driver, and maybe dilettante philanthropist, I have the best job in the world. I get to spend my work day celebrating love. I get to witness and document one of the best days of people’s lives. Everyone present is there with full hearts and well wishes. I get to watch mothers, fathers, grandparents, and all manner of family & friends cheer for the love and the promise of the day, and of all days thereafter.


I love weddings. I love being at weddings. I love photographing weddings. Perhaps part of that is because of how happily married I am, how much I enjoyed planning and experiencing my own wedding, and how much happiness I still get from looking at the pictures from my big day. Those images will be with me and bring me joy for the rest of my life. To be able to give someone else such deep and lasting happiness from the images I create is deeply fulfilling to me.

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