untitled-687-47Gorgeous day? Check. Gorgeous wedding planned to a tee? Check. Gorgeous people? Check and check. I woke up giddy knowing I was going to shoot the wonderful Brittany and Mark’s big day! They are the sweetest and most lovely couple.Their classic Boston wedding took place on a crisp, beautiful October morning, when the first chill of the new season could be felt. The sun shone bright and warm light down on the entire day. We started at the Seaport hotel where both Brittany and Mark were getting ready, and then we headed across the street to a little courtyard for the first look, where they would see each other for the first time as bride and groom. After a few moments taking each other in, it was time to head over to Newbury St to Emmanuel church for the ceremony. Right next to the park, what kind of a classic Boston wedding would it be if we didn’t take photos in the Public Gardens? We kept it brief since it was CHILLY! and poor Brittany was in a (gorgeous) strapless gown. Then it was on to the Seaport Hotel for a night of dinner and dancing. Blue Ivy Events created an stunning room for the reception, and Night Shift kept everyone grooving all night. It’s not often that there is something I’ve never seen before at a wedding, but Brittany and Mark had commissioned an artist to create a painting in real time during the reception. As we all watched this talented artist painted an original oil painting of Brittany and Mark in their first dance. What special and meaningful way to capture the love of the night! I loved it!untitled-713-4 copyuntitled-27-6untitled-25-5 untitled-72-11untitled-95-12untitled-6-9untitled-9-8untitled-10-10untitled-75-7untitled-46-2untitled-144-13 untitled-151-14 untitled-164-15untitled-179-16untitled-197-17 untitled-210-18 untitled-218-19 untitled-234-22 untitled-229-2untitled-238-23 untitled-240-25untitled-246-24 untitled-301-26 untitled-304-27 untitled-316-28 untitled-359-29 untitled-367-30 untitled-395-Edit-32 untitled-422-33 untitled-428-34 untitled-605-2untitled-510-35 untitled-522-36 untitled-535-37 untitled-560-38 untitled-565-39 untitled-628-41 untitled-639-42 untitled-664-43 untitled-680-45untitled-687-47untitled-679-44untitled-686-46 untitled-695-48 untitled-719-51 untitled-723-52 untitled-713-2untitled-736-55 untitled-748-56 untitled-759-57 untitled-761-58 untitled-767-59 untitled-791-63untitled-785-62 untitled-1029-82untitled-867-81untitled-858-79 untitled-865-80untitled-810-67 untitled-750-65untitled-795--2copyuntitled-813-68untitled-820-3 copyuntitled-838-77 untitled-896-78 untitled-820-4-Edituntitled-802-74untitled-798-66untitled-820-2-copyuntitled-970-84 untitled-972-85 untitled-1062-86untitled-987-87 untitled-990-88 untitled-1010-89 untitled-1011-90 untitled-1013-91 untitled-1047-92 untitled-1076-93untitled-1054-94 untitled-1075-95untitled-1196-97untitled-1211-98untitled-1180-99untitled-1186-100untitled-1108-96 untitled-1132-101untitled-1168-102