Amber and Tom’s detailed filled DIY backyard wedding was just the best!! I like both of them so much that frankly, they could have gotten married at an Elk’s Lodge and I would have had a blast. BUT, they got married at their new home which is on a beautiful lake, and the perfect setting for a backyard wedding.  It was a spectacular autumn day, and even a touch warm. Amber and Tom really thought about all of the details for the whole day, from the beautiful ceremony benches and handmade signs & altar, to the mason jar candles and constellation table assignments. Tom wins best wedding day gift of all time by commissioning a painting of “American Gothic” featuring the two of them and their Great Dane, Jocar, who also played a starring role throughout the celebration. Amber might win my best dressed for the season award with her off the rack 2 piece stunner! And her fall bouquet with feathers was just fantastic. Oh, and there was a surprise flyover by a plane with a banner saying “Congratulations Amber + Tom”….!!!  Then it was on with the evening where the band played great classic rock tunes and everyone danced the night away, taking breaks to gaze at the stars. Such a fantastic wedding! untitled-605untitled-18-2 untitled-19 untitled-588 untitled-28 untitled-31untitled-482untitled-488 untitled-58 untitled-71 untitled-73 untitled-82 untitled-84untitled-64untitled-65 untitled-13-2untitled-102 untitled-130 untitled-109 untitled-149 untitled-163 untitled-222 untitled-226 untitled-230 untitled-238 untitled-239 untitled-248 untitled-251 untitled-252 untitled-261 untitled-277 untitled-282 untitled-284 untitled-309 untitled-318 untitled-336 untitled-340 untitled-406 untitled-430 untitled-437 untitled-443 untitled-453 untitled-466 untitled-497 untitled-501 untitled-511 untitled-534 untitled-540 untitled-586untitled-551untitled-90(1)-2untitled-568 untitled-590untitled-297 untitled-48untitled-51untitled-45 untitled-597 untitled-598 untitled-611untitled-599 untitled-614 untitled-618 untitled-620 untitled-625 untitled-626 untitled-628 untitled-633-2 untitled-635 untitled-643 untitled-692 untitled-726 untitled-730 untitled-747 untitled-738 untitled-768 untitled-786 untitled-792 untitled-779untitled-798 untitled-958 untitled-971 untitled-977untitled-925untitled-933