Museum of Science Wedding

Somewhere between finishing medical school, moving, and beginning her residency, Courtney decided to plan a spectacular wedding at the Museum of Science along with her fiance Trevor. I love Museum of Science weddings! It’s such a cool place where you can make it any kind of celebration you imagine – tented garden party or dancing under a giant T-rex. There are also always gorgeous places for photos there – rain or shine. And it was definitely rain for Courtney & Trevor’s big day. Like, downpours all day. But no matter, since love abounds, and these two made it easy to get gorgeous images no matter what was happening around them! The stunning views of Boston from the ceremony in the Skyline room, and then a lovely reception in the (dry!) tent. Hydrangea, roses, personalized M&Ms, and churros cake. Yes, that’s right…. CHURROS CAKE.  Love love LOVE these two!! untitled-1untitled-5untitled-7untitled-3 untitled-6untitled-2untitled-8untitled-9untitled-4untitled-123untitled-47untitled-10untitled-11untitled-14 untitled-12  untitled-13untitled-15  untitled-21untitled-17 untitled-16untitled-19untitled-18untitled-20untitled-22untitled-25 untitled-24untitled-27untitled-26untitled-28untitled-60untitled-30untitled-31untitled-32untitled-34 untitled-33untitled-35untitled-39untitled-50untitled-37 untitled-38untitled-46 untitled-40untitled-41untitled-42untitled-44 untitled-43untitled-45untitled-61untitled-53untitled-54untitled-55untitled-56untitled-57untitled-58untitled-59untitled-63untitled-64untitled-62



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