English Garden Party Wedding

Meg and Todd’s amazing wedding… Where to start? Maybe with the most lush and magical floral arrangements set against classic china patterns beneath a canopy of  more flowers and lights all under a clear tent. With the perfect fall sunset painting a purple sky? Maybe with Meg and Todd themselves who are HYSTERICAL and also super chill – my favorite qualities in a couple. Or perhaps with Meg getting on stage to do a trumpet jam session with the INCREDIBLE band. Ooh, or maybe with the whole wedding party re-enacting Mario Kart, and then photoshopping a Mario Kart scene onto one of the resulting photos (see Pic at the end). This was one of those wild, fun, incredible nights you remember forever. Beautiful loving families, and a hell of a party. You know, there were so many epic things about this wedding, I’ll just let the pictures speak for themselves.

as promised: mario kart

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